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MacTech | The journal of Apple technology. Mac IIfx and MacApp By Larry Nedry, Mousehole BBS. From: Dhands . Re: MacII vs MacIIfx. I had the opportunity to compare a Mac II and a Mac IIfx on MPW compile/link times and here are the results. The command executed was a complete rebuild of 5 MacApp examples repeated 5 … Remembering 1990, The IIfx, & The Power To Be Your Best ... Remembering 1990, The IIfx, & The Power To Be Your Best. The Mac IIfx was one of the most powerful computers of its day. It was also a truly innovative computer for the time, and we might

The Macintosh IIfx

Nov 10, 2019 · The Mac IIfx was base-priced at $9K in 1990 (around $17K in today's money). Had a couple of friends that bought one. The Mac Quadra 700 started at $5,700 ($11K today). And my Mac IIci cost me around $6K which would cost around $11.7K in today's money. 07 No really, how much is my system worth? (Macintosh for ... Description. This article is from the Macintosh for sale FAQ, by Elliotte Rusty Harold [email protected] with numerous contributions by others.. 07 No really, how much is my system worth? (Macintosh for sale) I'll give a few numbers I consider current as of Fall, 1995. Early Desktop Pics Ahead of Time | WIRED

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ESTE VINTAGE COMPUTERS - My Collection Apple Macintosh IIfx. The Macintosh IIfx is a model of Apple Macintosh computer, introduced in 1990 and discontinued in 1992. At introduction it cost from US $9,000 to US $12,000, depending on configuration, and it was the fastest Mac available at the time. Old classic FS - Mac IIfx - Ars Technica OpenForum Apr 23, 2003 · shows a 68030 # on it (MC68030RC40B), and the motherboard clearly shows "IIfx" in the top left corner, with a date of 1990. 2 ADB ports, scsi, printer and modem serial ports in …