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Homepage - Cryptocurrency Army Cryptocurrency ARMY The world of cryptocurrencies is a quickly growing and expanding place. The value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have been going through the roof. The reality is that cryptocurrencies are becoming ever more important, valuable, and widely accepted…Read more › Bitcoin taxation is broken. Here’s how to fix it. | Coin ... Apr 12, 2017 · Bitcoin taxation is broken. Here’s how to fix it. the IRS announced that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are treated as property, which means gains from sale or exchange are taxed as capital gains rather than ordinary income. This is good because capital gains rates are generally lower than tax rates on ordinary income. Coin Center is

Over the past year, the public attention on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has brought a diverse The standard explanation for sell walls is that a group of rich individuals is price of Bitcoin is $8100 USD and you're hoping to buy 100 BTC.

6 days ago Top 100 Cryptocurrency Blogs And Websites For Crypto Investors in at digital currencies like Bitcoin to help explain what cryptocurrency is,  23 Feb 2020 Cryptocurrency Explained on The Simpsons Bitcoin.com's Cashfusion Fund Exceeds Goal: $100K Raised for Bitcoin Cash Privacy. 26 Jun 2019 Yeah, so they have a cryptocurrency exchange called Gemini. Bloomberg's Matt Levine has explained this very succinctly, so I'm just going the money is being transferred such that I make $100 extra, that $100 is taxable. Now invest in over 100 cryptocurrencies with our simple app Abra's 5-star app is simple to use, making cryptocurrency investing accessible for everyone.

20 Sep 2018 Cryptocurrency trading bots explained The price for the trading bot ranges from $30 to $100 depending on the number of features a user 

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Explained Bitcoin Explained What is bitcoin really?. It's simply an accounting system and means of exchange that uses blockchain technology to track ownership and exchange transactions.. That's all it does. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have value because of these functions, because they are anonymous, because they are international, and because they have no connection to any government