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Bank of Israel - Current Notes & Coins - Current Currency ... The nominal value printed in clear and raised ink, on the bottom left corner of the banknote. The denomination "1/2 New Sheqel" in Hebrew and English; the date in Hebrew; "Israel" in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Ancient coin from 69 C.E., the fourth year of the Jewish-Roman war, one year before the destruction of the Second Temple. Coin Value: Israel New Sheqel 1986 to 2010 These 'new sheqel' coins have been produced in Israel since 1986. They come in copper-nickel composition and in nickel-clad steel. As modern coins made of non-precious metal, they are worth very little. Collectors pay $1 or $2 US dollars to add uncirculated specimens to their collections.

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8 Jun 2019 Currency conversion US dollar to the Israeli New Shekel. Watch this Topic The currency comes in coins of 1/2, 1, 2, 5 and 10 shekels. Currency You will see some paper looking very different from paper of the same value. It is a zayin the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet whereas yours appears to be a vav, the sixth letter. It is difficult to see the difference on coins  Buy Israeli new shekel online to get our best AUD to ILS exchange rate. Collect Bank notes: ₪20, ₪50, ₪100, ₪200. Coins: 10 agorot, ₪½, ₪1, ₪2, ₪5, ₪10  9 Mar 2012 NEW YORK (AP) — An ancient Judean coin has sold for $1.1 million at a New York City auction. The Year 1 prototype silver shekel from A.D.  1/2 Shekel NEW UNC COIN ISRAEL. New Shekel coin series. Lyre, symbol of the country. Lyre, the state emblem. Israeli Coins. Coin modern Israeli. All coins 

ISRAEL - HANUKKAH 1/2 NEW SHEQEL UNC COIN 2000 YEAR STAR DAVID. ILS 10.71. Top Rated Seller. ILS 10.71 shipping. From Israel. Watch. Certification: Uncertified Year: 2000. Israel 1988 mint set of 5 coins & 1 sheqel Rambam Maimonides. ILS 57.09. Top Rated Seller. ILS 17.84 shipping. From Israel.

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